14 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Use Bitcoin For – 2024 Guide

14 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Use Bitcoin For - 2024 Guide (1)

Bitcoin has come a long way since its inception, transforming from a digital curiosity into a formidable currency that you can use for a surprising variety of purchases. 

Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to spend your stash or a newbie curious about the practical uses of Bitcoin, you’ll find this guide packed with fascinating insights. Let’s explore 14 unexpected ways to use Bitcoin in 2024.

Can You Buy Anything with Bitcoin?

Can You Buy Anything with Bitcoin

Absolutely! While direct cryptocurrency payments might not be ubiquitous yet, services like the BitPay Card bridge the gap, making almost any purchase possible. Here’s how you can splurge your digital coins.

1. High-Tech Gadgets and Electronics

Fancy the latest iPhone or need a new gaming laptop? Retailers like Newegg accept Bitcoin directly for all your electronic needs, from smartphones by Apple, Samsung, and Google to gaming accessories. 

Alternatively, Walmart and Amazon gift cards can be bought through the BitPay app, opening a vast inventory of tech goodies.

2. Betting 

For those interested in the evolving world of crypto betting, bitedge.com offers a comprehensive guide to navigating this dynamic landscape, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your next wager.

3. Fashion Finds with a Digital Wallet

Revamp your wardrobe with Bitcoin. Various brands and retailers allow you to purchase clothing directly with Bitcoin or through gift cards. Imagine walking into a store, scanning a QR code, and walking out with a brand-new outfit paid for with digital currency.

4. From Daily Brew to Luxury Yachts

Yes, you read that right. Your morning coffee can now be bought with Bitcoin using the BitPay Card at any MasterCard-accepting coffee shop. 

And for those dreaming bigger, luxurious yachts and boats are available for purchase with Bitcoin through Denison Yachting.

5. Real Estate and Precious Metals

Bitcoin is not just for small-ticket items; it’s making waves in big investments too. Through BitPay-partnered brands like Pacaso and Condos.com, you can invest in real estate. 

Precious metals like gold and silver are also accessible through Bitcoin transactions, offering a secure way to diversify your investment portfolio.

6. Diamonds Are Forever, and So Is Bitcoin

Add sparkle to your life with diamonds and jewelry from trusted retailers like Idoneus and Icebox, paying with Bitcoin. It’s a modern twist on investing in timeless treasures.

7. Video Games and In-Game Purchases

Video Games and In-Game Purchases

Gamers rejoice! Video games, in-game purchases, and gaming accessories can be bought with Bitcoin. 

Platforms like Steam and Xbox offer gift cards through the BitPay app, ensuring you’re always ready for the next virtual adventure.

8. Booking Your Next Getaway

Thinking of a holiday? Hotels, boutique stays, and even flights can be booked with Bitcoin. 

Use gift cards for Airbnb or book directly at crypto-friendly hospitality groups, making travel easier and more secure.

9. Groceries and Dining Out

Bitcoin extends to your daily necessities too. Grocery shopping can be done using the BitPay Card at local stores or by purchasing gift cards for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods. 

Dining out? Use your BitPay Card at local restaurants or buy gift cards for your favorite food delivery apps.

10. Home Sweet Home

Furnishing a home or tackling a DIY project? Furniture and home improvement items can be bought with Bitcoin through gift cards for stores like Pottery Barn and Home Depot. 

It’s a seamless way to use digital currency for tangible home enhancements.

11. Donations to Nonprofits

Bitcoin makes it easy to support causes close to your heart. Donating to nonprofits and charities with Bitcoin not only simplifies the process but also offers tax benefits, making generosity more rewarding.

12. Education and Web Services

Investing in knowledge and online presence has never been easier. Web services like domain names, web hosting, VPNs, and servers can be paid for with Bitcoin through providers like NameCheap and ExpressVPN. 

This shift towards cryptocurrency payments in the digital sphere highlights Bitcoin’s growing influence beyond just physical goods.

13. Entertainment on Demand

Your leisure time can also benefit from Bitcoin. Pay for your TV service subscriptions through Dish TV and Sling TV using BitPay. 

Moreover, movie buffs will be thrilled to know that AMC theaters now welcome crypto payments, making your next movie outing a bit more futuristic.

14. Timepieces and High-End Vehicles

Luxury purchases including high-end cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, as well as luxury watches from brands like Jomashop and CRM Jewelers, are now within the Bitcoin spender’s reach. 

Dealerships and retailers partnered with BitPay facilitate these extravagant buys, offering a seamless blend of luxury and technology.

The Social Impact of Bitcoin Spending

The Social Impact of Bitcoin Spending

Empowering Nonprofits

Bitcoin’s role in philanthropy is growing. Many nonprofits now accept Bitcoin, recognizing its potential to streamline donations and maximize the impact of each contribution. This shift not only benefits the organizations but also encourages a culture of giving within the Bitcoin community.

The Convenience of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid debit cards, purchasable with Bitcoin, offer another layer of convenience, making it easier to manage finances and spend digital currency. These cards function just like any other debit card, bridging the gap between digital and fiat currency for everyday use.

The Evolution of Gift Giving

Bitcoin has transformed the way we think about gift-giving. With the ability to purchase gift cards for a wide array of retailers, from Amazon to Foot Locker, Bitcoin makes it easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion, all without the need for a traditional bank account.


Can I pay for my gym membership with Bitcoin?

Yes, some gyms have started accepting Bitcoin payments directly or through third-party payment processors like BitPay, allowing you to use Bitcoin for your fitness expenses.

Is it possible to use Bitcoin for educational tuition fees?

While not universally accepted, a growing number of educational institutions around the world are beginning to accept Bitcoin as payment for tuition fees, especially for online courses and digital learning platforms.

Can I buy pet supplies with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy pet supplies with Bitcoin either directly from online retailers that accept cryptocurrency or by purchasing gift cards for pet supply stores through the BitPay app.

Are there any Bitcoin-friendly cities where I can use Bitcoin for public transport?

Some cities have started experimenting with accepting Bitcoin for public transport services. 

However, this is still quite rare and often facilitated through specific apps or payment systems designed to convert Bitcoin to local currency.

Can I use Bitcoin to purchase insurance policies?

A few insurance companies are beginning to accept Bitcoin for premium payments, particularly for digital and tech-related insurance products, though this practice is not yet widespread.

Is it possible to pay taxes with Bitcoin?

Some jurisdictions and local governments have started to explore the possibility of accepting Bitcoin for tax payments through third-party payment processors. However, this is still not a common practice and varies significantly by region.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin’s versatility is expanding, bridging the gap between digital currency and everyday transactions. From the simplicity of buying a cup of coffee to the complexity of purchasing a yacht or real estate, Bitcoin is proving to be more than just an investment—it’s a currency for all facets of life. 

As we move further into 2024, the possibilities for using Bitcoin continue to grow, making it an exciting time to explore what else you can do with your digital coins.

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