The Best Multi-currency Crypto Wallets

The Best Multi-currency Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrencies started their journey almost fifteen years ago. At first, they encounter many prejudices but with time they persist. Today, the majority of top digital currencies are going strong. They are so omnipresent in our society and financial markets that many of us have come in contact with them.

Today, we do not ask questions about which crypto is the best and where we should invest. We already handled that part. Nowadays, we ask questions about crypto wallets that operate with multiple currencies. 

As both you and you are always on a path of finding the best products out there, that’s precisely what we’re going to discuss in this article. Stay with us, and read about the best multi-currency crypto wallets. 

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

Talking of the best, there’s no better place to start than Trust Wallet. At the moment this wallet can operate with BTC, Ethereum, LUNA, Polkadot blockchain, and Binance Smart Chain. That’s plenty to go around, and you do not have too much to complain. Before you side with one or two of these currencies you can use letsexchange.io to exchange your BNB to ETH and start your wallet journey there. 

What makes Trust Wallet so good is the plethora of features that it holds. For one, you can buy any crypto with a simple card. Through its partnership with Binance DEX, you can even trade digital currency directly from your wallet. Add crypto staking and Quick Swap features to the mix and you’ll quickly understand you have a quality wallet on your hands.

Within this one wallet, you can create subdivisions to operate with different currencies and manage a different portfolio. The one downside is that it’s only intended for mobile use (available on both iOS and Android) but with the constant updates it receives this issue might be resolved soon. 

SafePal Wallet App


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The second place is reserved for a trailblazer of a kind. At the moment we are talking about one of the fastest-growing wallet apps. The same way as the option from above, it is only available as a mobile app. It comes with an option of having not only multiple currencies but also multiple portfolios.

This helps in diversifying your operation into trading, investing, and anything else you want. It is also integrated with the famed Binance DEX. Thanks to this integration you can easily trade and swap digital currencies. If you’re up for it, there’s your perfect wallet. 

Another thing that makes this option a viable one for anyone getting into multiple crypto operations is the fact that it also comes in the shape of a hardware wallet. What you’ll love to hear is that the mobile app and the hardware wallet can work separately.

This is possible due to the built-in DApp browser which makes it easy to use both simultaneously or separately at your desire. This way, if you opt for the hardware wallet, you can import yours from the SafePal Wallet App or you can create a brand new one. 

Atomic Wallet

As the name suggests we are talking about an atomic product. For one it operates with more than three hundred digital currencies and tokens. Having all of that under one interface is more than you asked for. Add excellent capabilities to mix with other platforms and you hit a jackpot. What you’ll find interesting too is not its top-notch security that’s out of the question, it’s the fact that it has a token of its own called AWC. 

When you use it, it provides the user with discounts on different other platforms. But, that’s not all. There’s also a cashback option available for all users who swap crypto on their exchange.

What new users love about it is the affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn when you bring in a new member. The last option that could potentially make you choose this option in the end is the possibility of passive income if you join their staking program. 

In the realm of cryptocurrency, exploring the latest innovations in the Bitcoin market can greatly impact the selection and use of the best multi-currency crypto wallets, as discussed in the related article.



If your goal is to store crypto safely, you shouldn’t look further than Exodus. There’s a good reason for it. Its interface is so simple to use, that you’ll get quickly accustomed even if you’re a newbie in this domain. When you download the app, all that is left is to create a secret key and make an additional copy of it for your safety and deepened security.

Its compatibility with Trezor and a chance to store more than two hundred cryptocurrencies are what make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a multi-crypto wallet. 

What you’ll dislike is that it’s not created on open-source software. It compromises on this by offering cooperation with different apps that delve into trading and staking digital currencies. All in all, you have one quality option at your disposal here.

In essence, it is an option that is a multi-crypto wallet but with such traits that it can work like a cold wallet too. Also, we should mention that this wallet is available on desktop too. For some of you that could make a huge difference. 

When delving into the world of multi-currency crypto wallets, it’s essential to be aware of vital security facts to ensure the safety of your funds, echoing the themes discussed in the related article.



No conversation on the subject of multi-crypto wallets can’t end without mentioning XDEFI. This option is not too old, being introduced some twelve months ago, but as a viable alternative to Metamask, it has found its way to the hearts of users. As a wallet that operates bets as a browser edition, some users find it quite limited but also great in this domain depending on the point of view. 

For some, mobile is the only option anyone needs. With this wallet, you’ll always have access to your BTC, ETH, LTC, and BNB. When you start using XDEFI cross-chain swap will become a child’s game. Exclude the need for KYC and you get quite a bargain here. While now not at the top of our list, in the future it could become one of the best options out there. 


Above, you have five great options for a multi-crypto wallet. The market is wide open in this domain, and competition exists. It’s up to you to pick the right option be it XDEFI or Trust Wallet. As far as we’re concerned you will not make a mistake with either selection. 

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