Best ’90s Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2024: Retro Revamp

Oh, the glorious 90s! A time when you were probably busy nurturing your Tamagotchi pet or getting comfy in that flashy blow-up chair while being engrossed in episodes of Boy Meets World.

Well, guess what? The 90s are making a grand comeback, not just in your nostalgic memories, but in the beauty realm too. And that means it’s the perfect moment to dust off your vanity and let in a wave of beauty inspiration.

Now, let’s clear something up, the 90s weren’t just about a singular look. As our very own hair maestro and TRESemmé collaborator, Justine Marjan, will tell you, the 90s were a glorious mix of contrasts. We had everything from edgy short bobs to luscious voluminous blowouts.

Think long, sleek tresses with bold, blunt ends or the ever-alluring updos framed by those iconic loose strands. And let’s not forget about the drama of the voluminous bombshell updos that made every girl feel like a red-carpet diva.

As we dive into this time machine, we’ve handpicked 20 of the 90s’ ultimate beauty divas to serve as your guiding stars. From the undeniable allure of Winona to the trailblazing beauty of Brandy, and the timeless elegance of the Supermodels, they’re all here.

You’ll see a riot of natural curls, the cultural charm of box braids, chic updos, and the delightful flutter of butterfly clips.

But here’s a quick tip: as we embrace this nostalgic beauty journey, let’s agree to leave the barely-there eyebrows in the past, shall we? After all, every decade has its no-go zone and that’s the 90s’ for you. Enjoy your glamorous dive into the past!

Trending Styles

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gracefully Undone Updo

90s Gwyneth Paltrow

Just a few years prior to clutching her Oscar for ‘Shakespeare in Love’, Gwyneth Paltrow was already a red carpet queen. Her elegantly unfussy updo, adorned with face-framing tendrils and an imperfectly charming bun, could be effortlessly recreated at home. Truly a hairstyle for any event!

Cindy Crawford’s Timeless Red Carpet Curls

Cindy Crawford's Timeless Red Carpet Curls

Cindy Crawford, a supermodel legend, defined an era with her signature big, blown-out curls. Although this voluminous hairdo doesn’t scream 90s, it still remains timeless. As Marjan highlights, it’s the era’s “iconic blowout”, a look you can rock anytime, anywhere with a set of hot rollers.

Jennifer Lopez’s Casual Chic Messy Bun

Jennifer Lopez's Casual Chic Messy Bun

Even as Jenny from the Block, Jennifer Lopez made waves with her nonchalantly stylish messy bun, accentuated with trendy hair clips. To add some nostalgic flair, a 90s icon tool, the crimper, might come in handy for those without the natural texture to achieve this look.

Tyra Banks’ Teased, Flipped-out Lob

Tyra Banks' Teased, Flipped-out Lob

Before her reign on “America’s Next Top Model”, Tyra Banks conquered the runways with her flirtatiously flipped-out long bob. The crown of this style was teased for that extra volume, giving the impression of a bold and confident diva.

Gwen Stefani’s Bold Buns

Gwen Stefani's Bold Buns

With the debut of No Doubt’s album “Tragic Kingdom” in 1995, Gwen Stefani started a beauty revolution. Her audacious blue raspberry bob and intricate hairstyles sparked a trend. However, modern fans are keen to leave the culturally appropriative bindi behind.

Naomi Campbell’s Breath-taking Voluminous Blowout

Naomi Campbell’s Breath-taking Voluminous Blowout

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was synonymous with a simple yet stunning voluminous blowout throughout the 90s. Surprisingly easy to replicate, this style can add a touch of elegance to your look.

Winona Ryder’s Charming Pixie with Baby Bangs

Winona Ryder’s Charming Pixie with Baby Bangs (1)

Winona Ryder owned the 90s with her enchanting pixie cut. Hairstyling legend Garren perfected this look with delicate baby bangs, giving the short chop a refined finish.

Kirsten Dunst’s Enchanting Butterfly Clips Updo

Kirsten Dunst’s Enchanting Butterfly Clips Updo

Butterfly clips? Absolutely a defining hair accessory of the 90s, as demonstrated by Kirsten Dunst’s stylish updo. It’s a hair trend that transports us right back to the 90s.

Linda Evangelista’s Flipped Out Chic Bob

Linda Evangelista’s Flipped Out Chic Bob

Supermodel Linda Evangelista wasn’t afraid to try new hairstyles in the 90s. However, it’s her natural brown hue with a flipped-out bob that became an iconic look of the decade.

Brandy’s Braids Extravaganza


Brandy, our venerated patron of box braids, gained immense popularity in the 90s, juggling a successful television career and producing a popular pop-R&B album. Her braids became an emblematic 90s look.

Kate Moss’s Everlasting Signature Style

Kate Moss’s Everlasting Signature Style

The unrivaled It Girl of the 90s, Kate Moss, flaunted her golden hair with long layers. A beauty look that continues to inspire even after three decades.

Penelope Cruz’s Artfully Undone Waves

Penelope Cruz’s Artfully Undone Waves

To recreate Penelope Cruz’s gracefully undone waves, a salt spray or a simple overnight braid should do the trick. It’s an easy and effective way to achieve a stylishly casual look.

Brittany Murphy’s Playful Flippy Bob

Brittany Murphy’s Playful Flippy Bob

The late Brittany Murphy made the flippy bob, featuring piecey layers, her signature look. This hairstyle also resonates with the styles of Mary J. Blige, making it a 90s staple.

Christina Aguilera’s Voluminous Crimped Curls

Christina Aguilera’s Voluminous Crimped Curls

Ready for a blast from the past with a crimper? Christina Aguilera knew how to maximize volume at the roots by placing the crimper as close to the scalp as possible. It’s a go-to strategy for an unmistakable 90s look.

Drew Barrymore’s Daisy Adorned Bleached ‘Do

Drew Barrymore’s Daisy Adorned Bleached 'Do

Actress Drew Barrymore embraced the floral trend with daisies picked from the local bodega, a last-minute addition that completed her red carpet look. An endearing hairstyle we can’t help but adore!

Demi Moore’s Stylish Curls and Beret

beret Demi Moor

Before her drastic head shave for 1997’s G.I. Jane, actress Demi Moore sported short, dark curls perfectly complemented by a chic burgundy beret. It’s a classic look with a twist of Parisian charm.

Alicia Silverstone’s Iconic Cher Hairstyles

Alicia Silverstone’s Iconic Cher Hairstyles

Valley Girl blonde made a splash across America following Alicia Silverstone’s stellar performance in 1995’s ‘Clueless’. The style became an instant hit and a 90s hallmark.

Julia Roberts’ Radiant Natural Curls

Julia Roberts’ Radiant Natural Curls

Julia Roberts wasn’t just known for her captivating smile, her red curls were a sight to behold too. Her signature natural texture made her an evergreen red carpet favorite.

Tatyana Ali’s Bucket Hat Trend

Tatyana Ali’s Bucket Hat Trend

Famous for her role as Will Smith’s cousin in ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, Tatyana Ali’s bucket hat became a fashionable moment in 90s hair trends.

Uma Thurman’s Understatedly Perfect Look

Uma Thurman’s Understatedly Perfect Look

Uma Thurman’s signature look was simple yet unforgettably beautiful—featuring layers ending just below the chin and a slightly off-center part. A testament to the magic of minimalism!

Popular Hairstyles of the ’90s

The ’90s were characterized by a range of diverse hairstyles, each with their unique appeal. “Think of short cropped bobs, voluminous and bouncy blowouts, long hair with blunt ends and face-framing layers, and sleek or voluminous updos with face-framing pieces,” suggests Marjan. This era truly offered an eclectic mix of hair trends.

Achieving the ’90s Hair Look

If you’re craving the iconic ’90s blowout, start by setting a strong foundation with the right haircut. “Ask your hairstylist for shorter, cascading layers that blend seamlessly into the length and substantial face-framing layers,” Marjan advises. This style, currently known as the ‘butterfly cut,’ creates a perfect canvas for a ’90s-inspired look.

Understanding the ’90s Layering

’90s layers were all about creating volume and movement for longer hair lengths. This meant incorporating a variety of layers, with shorter pieces framing the face and interspersed throughout the hair’s body. This layering technique encouraged bouncy blowouts and added a dynamic, lively quality to the hair.

Recreating ’90s Hairstyles Today

90's Ponytail

Recreating ’90s hairstyles today comes down to mastering the blow-dry technique, says Marjan. Start by applying TRESemmé One Step Blowout Cream to damp hair, and use a ghd helios dryer to blow-dry your hair with your hands until it’s 80 percent dry.

Next, use a ceramic round brush to wrap your hair around it as you dry, focusing on the brush’s rounded edges. Once each section of hair is dry, pin it into a curl to cool down, and continue this process throughout your entire head.

Finally, apply a generous mist of hairspray, then unpin the curls and either shake them out or brush through them for that fabulous ’90s-inspired hairstyle.

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The ’90s are making a comeback in the beauty realm, with its diverse array of hairstyles, from edgy short bobs to luscious voluminous blowouts and intricate updos. Our guide shares hairstyle inspiration from 20 iconic beauty divas of the ’90s, including Gwyneth Paltrow’s gracefully undone updo, Cindy Crawford’s timeless red carpet curls, and Alicia Silverstone’s iconic blonde look from ‘Clueless’.

To recreate these ’90s styles today, focus on getting the right haircut (like the butterfly cut), understanding layering, and mastering the art of the blow-dry. Leave the barely-there eyebrows in the past, though, and remember to add a generous mist of hairspray to your finished look.

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