6 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Pittsburgh 2024

6 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Pittsburgh 2024

Moving to another country or a city can be a challenging process. Depending on where you are coming from, you could experience a cultural shock, or at least find some things surprising.

Before you start with the moving process, it is crucial to learn more about the new place. Also, the first step is to hire a reliable moving company. If you are moving to Pittsburgh, the best service you can find is AllWaysMoving

When it comes to the most recent trends, Pittsburgh is getting more popular. The projections for the future are also positive, which means that the prices of real estate will continue to go up. Here are some crucial aspects to keep in mind before moving there. 

A Diverse Neighborhood

A Diverse Neighborhood

The best part is that this city has a lot to offer to both young people and those with families and little kids. Therefore, choosing the right area of the city can make a difference. 

Urban Hubs

If you got a job in some office in the center of the city, but you also want to be close to attractive events where you can spend interesting evenings and nights with your friends, I must recommend areas like Shadyside, Downtown, and Lawrenceville.

These spots are perfect because there are many restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and entertainment available. 

Another advantage is that the public transport is perfect with lots of different options you can use to reach any other part of Pittsburgh.

Family-Friendly Suburban Area

While attractive sports might be perfect for your younger people, finding a quarter area is often the main preference of people with kids. If that is your choice as well, you should check out areas such as Bethel Park and Mount Lebanon. 

Some areas are under development, with the main goal of reaching the perfect conditions for those with families. Some of those areas are North Shore and East Liberty.

Before making the move to Pittsburgh in 2024, it’s worth discovering some intriguing insights about the city, which go beyond what you might have learned in school, as shared in the corresponding article.

Excellent Art Scene

Excellent Art Scene

If you prefer spending your free time visiting galleries and museums, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer. There is something for any taste.

Visual Art

There are world-class museums available, such as Andy Warhol and Carnegie. If you want an even deeper exploration, you can explore the private galleries where you can find a lot of interesting artworks from both well-known and unknown authors. 

Live Performances

Even though it cannot be compared to the biggest cities in the US, Pittsburgh is a common spot for many popular artists. 

The upcoming events that you can visit by the end of the year are Tech9, The Clarks, Tony Baker, Apache, Celebrating David Bowie, Travis Scott, and much more.


There are many interesting festivals throughout the whole year. The most recent one is Reel Q which celebrates the LGBTQ+ culture and embraces diversity and human rights.
If you prefer festivals with good food, you should check out the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. This event is organized twice a year, once in January, and the second one in August. 

Before embarking on your move to Pittsburgh in 2024, consider seeking expert guidance for a seamless interstate relocation, connecting with the comprehensive advice shared in the related article.

Attractive Sports Events

Attractive Sports Events

The sports scene has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to flexibility. Therefore, you can enjoy traditional American sports, while there are many options for people from other countries, who usually prefer soccer and cricket. 

The size of the city is not always the main factor in sports, and Pittsburgh is the best example of that since they have several clubs with a rich history and many national championships.

The best examples are the Pittsburgh Panthers football team, Pittsburgh Steelers, with few titles in the NFL, and the Pirates, a well-known club in the MLB. 

Lots of Opportunities for Education

The available universities and schools represent a very important factor for people who are planning to move to this city with kids, or planning to start a family there. 

When it comes to Universities, the best two are Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh. Both have a high rank, and there are students from all over the world getting their degrees there. 

There are also private schools for people who want to ensure the best education conditions for their kids when they are going through the elementary and high school grades. 

Affordable Real Estate Market

Affordable Real Estate Market

The housing market became quite challenging in many parts of the US. Surprisingly, the situation is not the same in this city. Even though there are bigger increases seen two years ago, the situation is stable at the moment. For example, the average price of real estate increased by only 1%, and stands at around $240,000 at the moment. 

Another benefit is that you can choose between traditional houses and modern apartments. The selection of houses is especially interesting because you can choose between traditional design and modern structures. 

The center of the city and urban areas are a bit more expensive, but the average cost of living is lower than in many other states. Therefore, achieving a high quality of life is possible even with an average income. 

All-Around Weather Conditions

All four seasons offer some pros and cons. The summer can be quite hot, with temperatures reaching over 85 degrees most of the days during June, July, and August. However, the mornings and evenings are not that hot, which means that this time can be perfect for hiking, and there are many interesting hiking trails all around Pittsburgh. 

The fall is known as the most beautiful time of the year. The weather is still perfect for outdoor activities, and the landscapes are amazing. Also, this time of the year is known for many festivals and other interesting events. 

The winter season can be very cold. You should be aware of that if you are coming from states like California or Florida. If you are planning to live in a house, get ready for some snow cleaning throughout the winter. 

The spring is attractive, but the weather can be quite unpredictable, with a higher chance of rain. Still, you will have a great time if you bring a light jacket and an umbrella with you all the time. 


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As you can see, there are many positive things that you can expect from moving to this place. Preparation is the key, and the process will be much easier if you pack your things on time and hire the right moving company. 

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