North Carolina Deputy Faces Off Uninvited Alligator – Brave Confrontation

North Carolina

In North Carolina, a sheriff’s deputy is being lauded for his courageous act of confronting an alligator that had been roaming around door to door.

On May 2, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that Deputy Garrett Jones was the one who attended to the situation.

“Because service goes beyond law enforcement… sometimes it involves wrangling alligators and safely returning them to their natural habitat,” the sheriff’s office stated in the post.

A homeowner reached out to the department to express her appreciation for Jones’ handling of the situation, as he single-handedly escorted the “unwanted guest” off her property, according to officials. The homeowner’s identity has not been disclosed.

“There was an alligator in my front yard, and it made its way to my front porch before moving to my neighbor’s porch,” the woman informed the sheriff’s office.

alligator in my front yard

“Garrett Jones was dispatched by your office, and he bravely guided the alligator to head towards the woods behind my house. The whole ordeal took about an hour, but Garrett was patient. I believe you have an outstanding young man on your team.”

A photo of the juvenile alligator reveals it was roughly 5 feet in length and last spotted entering a wooded area.

It’s currently alligator mating season, a time when male alligators tend to roam into unfamiliar territories in search of female mates, according to the state.

Brunswick County is situated in the extreme southeast corner of North Carolina, which is home to the state’s primary coastal alligator population.

These reptiles are native to North Carolina and can grow up to 13 feet long and weigh 500 pounds, as per the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.




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