Minnesota Horror: Woman Suffers Severe Injuries in Bear Attack

bear attack

A woman in Minnesota was seriously wounded in a black bear attack, state officials reported on Saturday.

The woman was residing at a cabin near Gull Lake when she let her dog out early Friday morning, according to a statement from the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR). She stepped outside to check on her pet and was assaulted. The bear swiped at the woman, “hitting her in multiple areas,” before departing the scene, the DNR stated.

The woman was transported to a hospital for medical attention and has since been discharged.

Prior to the incident, there were no records of bear activity in the vicinity, as per the authorities. Wildlife officials speculate that the bear was startled by the woman’s dog and attacked her in self-defense.

“Dogs and bears are a bad combination,” a department advisory warned. “Allowing dogs to chase, lunge or bark at bears is inviting trouble – don’t provoke a bear to defend itself.”

DNR officers are keeping a close watch on the area for any bears that might pose a risk to public safety, officials announced.

This incident marks the 10th serious human injury from a bear attack documented by the state’s DNR since 1987, as per the department’s records. None of the victims have lost their lives.

Last week in Pennsylvania, a black bear assaulted two young children while they were playing in their driveway outside their home, officials reported. The children suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Although black bears are seldom aggressive, the DNR of Minnesota advises residents to eliminate food sources outside their homes to prevent attracting bears. If you spot a bear before it sees you, provide it with an escape route. Remain stationary, then quietly retreat. If a bear notices you, back off slowly. Running could provoke a chase. If a bear approaches you, stand your ground, wave your arms and shout until it departs. Use bear spray if the bear continues to approach.

In the event of a black bear making contact, the DNR advises not to play dead. Instead, fight back with vigor.



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