Southern California – Breaking News: Bizarre Monsoon Season with Potential Mountain Thunderstorms

Southern California Monsoon Season

South Cali – This week, weather pundits are hinting at a sizzling spell, with a touch of monsoonal afternoon showers gracing the eastern San Gabriel Mountains until the weekend.

Tom Fisher, a seasoned meteorologist with the National Weather Service based in Oxnard, forecasts a mild “monsoon flow” sweeping over Southern California in the coming days, bringing with it a dose of humidity and moisture straight from the Gulf of California.

The meteorological episode is set to predominantly impact the loftier regions of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The San Gabriel Mountains present the prime hotspot for storm activity, with the probability intensifying as the system migrates eastward, weather experts assert.

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The monsoon season in Southern California traditionally unfurls from the heart of July through to September.

Fisher noted, “We’d typically brace for the ‘May gray’ and ‘June gloom’ weather sequence first. Hence, this is a slightly offbeat scenario.”

Inland Southern California regions are expected to be spared the rain this week. However, partly veiled skies might play hide and seek until Wednesday. The weather service anticipates a surge in moisture levels in the coming days, with a modest 10% chance of solo thunderstorms gracing higher terrains beginning Tuesday.

As we step into Wednesday, Fisher states that the odds of mountainous thunderstorms will rise to 20%. If such storms do occur, they’re likely to be arid or bear minimal rainfall, with any precipitation evaporating before it hits the ground.

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Valley and desert regions are bracing for a mercury rise to the lower to mid-90s, persisting through to the middle of the upcoming week.

In contrast, the coastal zones will enjoy more temperate climes, with the promise of low-lying clouds and fog making a nightly appearance and lingering into the dawn hours, say weather specialists.

Monsoons in Southern California are ushered in when a meteorological switch in the Four Corners states – Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico – triggers a wind rotation, escorting humid air or showers to the area. During this phase, humidity levels spike, and the heat cranks up.




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