United States at the 2024 World Athletics Championships – Athletes, Results, Medals

2024 World Athletics Championships USA

The 2024 World Athletics Championships were a spectacle to behold, held from August 19 to 27 in Budapest, Hungary. The United States emerged as a dominant force, securing a total of 29 medals: 12 Gold, 8 Silver, and 9 Bronze. This blog post delves into the details, analyzing the athletes, their performances, and the medals they brought home.

The Championships at a Glance

The 2024 World Athletics Championships were the 19th edition of the event and took place in Budapest, Hungary. The United States led the medal table with an impressive haul of 29 medals.

The Importance for the United States

2024 World Athletics Championships

For the United States, this championship was not just about medals; it was a statement of dominance and a testament to the country’s investment in athletics.

Men’s Events

The men’s events were a battleground of speed, strength, and skill. The United States had strong showings across multiple disciplines.

Track Events

100 Metres
  • Gold: Noah Lyles (9.83 seconds)
  • Bronze: Zharnel Hughes (9.88 seconds)
200 Metres
  • Gold: Noah Lyles (19.52 seconds)
  • Silver: Erriyon Knighton (19.75 seconds)
400 Metres
  • Bronze: Quincy Hall (44.37 seconds)

Field Events

High Jump
  • Silver: JuVaughn Harrison (2.36 meters)
Pole Vault
  • Bronze: Chris Nilsen (5.95 meters)
Shot Put
  • Gold: Ryan Crouser (23.51 meters)
  • Bronze: Joe Kovacs (22.12 meters)

Combined Events

  • No medals for the United States

Events 2024 World Athletics Championships USA

Women’s Events

The women athletes from the United States showcased their prowess in various events, contributing significantly to the country’s medal tally.

Track Events

100 Metres
  • Gold: Sha’Carri Richardson (10.65 seconds)
200 Metres
  • Silver: Gabrielle Thomas (21.81 seconds)
  • Bronze: Sha’Carri Richardson (21.92 seconds)

Field Events

Shot Put
  • Gold: Chase Ealey (20.43 meters)
Discus Throw
  • Gold: Laulauga Tausaga (69.49 meters)
  • Silver: Valarie Allman (69.23 meters)

Combined Events

  • Silver: Anna Hall

Mixed Events

Mixed Events

Mixed events are a recent addition to the World Athletics Championships, and the United States did not disappoint.

4 × 400 Metres Relay

  • Gold: United States Team (3:08.80 seconds, World Record)

World Team Rankings

The World Team event is a cumulative score based on individual and team performances.

World Team

  • Gold: United States (277 points)

Notable Mentions

Notable Mentions

Apart from the medalists, there were other athletes who put up commendable performances, narrowly missing out on medals but showing great promise for future competitions.

Men’s Events

Fred Kerley

Fred Kerley, who was part of the Gold-winning 4 × 100 meters relay team, also competed in the individual 100 meters and finished fourth, just missing out on a medal. His performance has been consistent, and he is one to watch in future competitions.

Rai Benjamin

Rai Benjamin, although not securing an individual medal this time, was a crucial part of the Gold-winning 4 × 400 meters relay team. His split times were among the fastest, and he is expected to be a strong contender in individual events in the future.

Women’s Events

Tamari Davis

Tamari Davis, a young sprinter, was part of the Gold-winning 4 × 100 meters relay team. She also competed in the individual 100 meters and finished fifth. Her performance indicates a bright future in sprinting.

Valarie Allman

Valarie Allman secured a Silver in the discus throw but also competed in the shot put, finishing in the top 10. Her versatility in field events makes her a valuable asset to the U.S. team.

Behind the Scenes: The Coaches and Support Staff


While the athletes are the stars of the show, it’s important to acknowledge the coaches and support staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Their expertise and dedication play a crucial role in the athletes’ success.

The Coaches

  • Alberto Salazar: Known for his meticulous approach to training, Salazar has been instrumental in the success of many long-distance runners.
  • Caryl Smith Gilbert: As the head coach for the women’s team, her focus on technical proficiency has paid off, especially in sprints and relays.
  • Mike Holloway: The head coach for the men’s team, Holloway’s experience and tactical acumen have been invaluable.

The Support Staff

  • Physiotherapists: Ensuring that athletes are in peak physical condition.
  • Nutritionists: Providing tailored meal plans to optimize performance.
  • Sports Psychologists: Helping athletes maintain mental focus and cope with the pressures of high-level competition.

The Road Ahead: Upcoming Events and Expectations

The Road Ahead Upcoming Events and Expectations

With the 2024 World Athletics Championships behind us, it’s time to look ahead at what’s next for Team USA. Several major events are on the horizon, and expectations are high.

The 2024 Summer Olympics

The next big target for U.S. athletes is the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. With a strong showing in Budapest, the team will be aiming for an even better performance in Paris.

World Championships 2025

The U.S. will look to defend its numerous titles and perhaps break more records in the next World Athletics Championships.

Diamond League

The Diamond League provides a platform for athletes to compete at a high level and gain valuable experience. Many U.S. athletes are expected to participate and dominate.

Fan Engagement and Legacy

Fan Engagement and Legacy

The performance of the U.S. team has had a significant impact not just on the medal tally but also on the engagement and inspiration of fans and upcoming athletes.

Social Media Buzz

  • Athletes like Noah Lyles and Sha’Carri Richardson have gained massive followings on social media, inspiring a new generation.
  • Hashtags like #TeamUSA and #WorldAthleticsChampionships2024 trended globally.

Grassroots Impact

  • Increased interest in athletics at the school and college levels.
  • More investments are being made in grassroots programs to discover and nurture new talent.


How many athletes did the United States send to the 2024 World Athletics Championships?

The United States sent a total of 138 athletes to compete at the 2024 World Athletics Championships held in Budapest, Hungary.

Who were some of the standout athletes for the United States?

Some standout athletes included Noah Lyles in Men’s 100 and 200 meters, Sha’Carri Richardson in Women’s 100 meters, and Ryan Crouser in Men’s shot put. Each of them won gold medals in their respective events.

Were there any disappointments for the U.S. team?

Yes, the United States women’s 4×400 meters relay team, who have won seven of the last eight World Championships, were disqualified from the semi-finals due to a botched baton changeover.

Who broke new records?

Ryan Crouser set a Championship Record (CR) in Men’s shot put with a distance of 23.51 meters. The mixed 4 × 400 meters relay team also set a World Record (WR) with a time of 3:08.80.

Did any U.S. athletes win multiple medals?

Yes, Noah Lyles won multiple gold medals in the Men’s 100 metres, 200 metres, and 4 × 100 metres relay.

When and where was the selection meet for the U.S. team?

The selection meet for the U.S. team was the 2024 USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. Team members were announced on August 7, 2024.

Final Words

The United States’ achievements at the 2024 World Athletics Championships were a collective effort involving not just the athletes but also the coaches, support staff, and fans.

As we celebrate the victories and records, we also look forward to the future, which seems incredibly promising for U.S. athletics. The road ahead is long, but if the recent past is any indication, it’s a road that leads to more glory, more records, and more unforgettable moments.

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