How to Earn Extra Cash as A Soccer Enthusiast: 10 Side Hustle Ideas

How to Earn Extra Cash as A Soccer Enthusiast 10 Side Hustle Ideas

The universe of soccer is a vast one. You could claim that the globe belongs to this sport. It is played on each aspect of our planet. From Japan to America, from South Africa to Norway. Many of us are experts in this sport without making any use of that knowledge.

Thanks to the development of technology and the internet among other things, today you can easily make soccer your side hustle. Here are the ten best ideas on how you can earn money from a side hustle that is soccer by simply being an enthusiast.

Go Into Coaching

Go Into Coaching

The most direct approach. If you are truly a fan of the play, you should go into coaching. Be on the sidelines and lead a team of players. Soccer is an amazing team sport and it offers plenty of chances to be a coach. From minor leagues to youth divisions, the road to professional coaching is a long one. It is never too late to start, and if soccer is your passion, going into coaching can be a great side hustle for anyone.

It’s not about coaching Real Madrid as a Football Manager. More passion can be found at your kid’s Sunday League match. With enough work put forth, it’s only a matter of time before you get paid for your work.

Try Sports Betting

Before we explain, remember to do it responsibly. Sports betting is no joke, but it is a lot of fun if you do it the right way. When you are into soccer you learn a lot of aspects of the game itself. Which team plays who and where? Who is injured, and which team is in the best form? Soccer enthusiasts know enough information about the game that they can easily bet on matches.

As we said, start small, create a budget, focus on the bankroll, strategize, and the wins will come your way. Bet responsibly and find the right gambling partner which can be done at https://www.business2community.com/th-th/gambling/soccer-betting-sites.

Start a Blog

Soccer is a never-ending story. All year long, and all over the planet, there are matches played. You can speak about soccer with your friends, discuss it on forums such as Reddit, or you could start a thing of your own. Sports blogs are really popular these days. It shouldn’t be too hard to write one of your own, monetize it, and with a little bit of effort, luck, and good content you could have an audience of your own.

Blogging is an amazing source of income regardless of your niche, but soccer and sports in general tend to attract the most traffic and that’s what you need to make money.

If you’re a soccer enthusiast looking to turn your passion into profit, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the leading contenders in the Premier League, as discussed in the linked article about dominating the season.



If you don’t find yourself working as a coach, a gambler, or a blogger, maybe being a referee is your calling. As we said, there are millions of sports events all over the world with millions of players involved. If you have a passion for the sport, you should know that a good referee is always welcome.

In your area, there are probably courses you could take and become one yourself. It is a great side gig that requires only a few hours of your time a week.

Soccer Photography

The age of social media platforms is really upon us. Content sharing is at an all-time high, and you could take a piece of that cake. Soccer is a sport that is very much followed on every imaginable platform. Becoming a sports photographer could be a great way to make some money on the side.

Teams need photographers all the time. Taking pictures of players, sports matches, and equipment could be what you excel at if you have any gift for the art of photography.

For soccer enthusiasts looking to turn their passion into profit, it’s intriguing to explore the financial prowess of the highest-value football clubs, a topic well-covered in the related article.

Writing for a Sports Magazine 

Maybe you’re not in the mood for a blog of your own. That doesn’t mean that you can’t combine the passion for this sport and writing. All you need to do is look around and search for reputable web magazines that work in the niche of soccer. Magazines such as these often seek part-time writers who would cover for a certain team or a local area.

You could be that person in your neighborhood for your local team you’ve supported since childhood. Writing is one of the best ways to earn on the web and to have a side hustle especially if you’re really into both soccer and writing. 



Here is an amazing side gig when it comes to soccer, and it could bring you into the middle of all soccer happenings. Being a scout is not an easy feat. But, their work is required by all of the clubs who plan on working seriously and investing in their youth systems. You could scout soccer matches in your area and alert local teams of kids with potential.

You only need one hit to make a name for yourself. If you remain in scouting long enough you can make a career for yourself and become one of the main head figures in sports. Scouting the next big thing in soccer can bring a lot of money your way, and it is fun above all else. Soccer in its essence. 

Selling Soccer Merch

If you’re even remotely into the trading business, you should give it a go. Soccer merch is popular all over the world, there’s no denying it. You could make a smallish online shop for yourself and see where it will get you.

Buying and selling soccer merchandise, such as shirts, retro shorts, cleats, and various other equipment could take you a long way. Today the world of buying and selling is well connected, and you could bring together your passion for sport and a bit of talent for trade to make it quite profitable. 

If you’re a soccer enthusiast looking to turn your passion into a profitable side hustle, don’t miss the opportunity to learn some amusing tidbits about the Women’s World Cup, which can provide valuable insights and inspiration, as discussed in the related article.

Create a Podcast 

While it might appear neglected, YouTube is still one of the strongest platforms on the wide world web. If you want to become a podcast creator it’s the way to go. But the best part is you’re not limited to it. Today, you have plenty of options for creating a podcast. Twitch, Spotify, Apple, and Buzzsprout stand out as equally good options. Talking about sports will never go out of fashion.

So, why not make money out of it? With this article nearing its end, you’re slowly running out of excuses not to make soccer your source of side income. By making a podcast, you can not only garner an audience and make money, but you could also make a name for yourself in the world of sports commentators. 

Trading Cards

Trading Cards

This is a party you’re never late for. Trading cards are as old as soccer itself. Well, not that old, but it has been around for a few decades. The best part is that it still is going strong.

There are individuals all over the world who are collecting cards to this day. You have to be passionate about trading cards, and not into only soccer to truly succeed making it your side hustle. There’s profit to be made here, but only if you know when to buy and when to sell. 

For soccer enthusiasts looking to turn their passion into profit, diving into fascinating facts about the sport can inspire unique side hustle ideas, as explored in the corresponding article.


As we said, soccer is a worldwide phenomenon. This is what makes it profitable from top to bottom. To make money from soccer you do not have to play it. As you can see in the article above you can make it your side hustle without too much effort. Just find a niche that suits you and from soccer enthusiasts become a soccer earner. 

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