Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty to 34 Felony Counts in Historic Court Arraignment

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has been arraigned in a Manhattan court, pleading not guilty to a total of 34 felony counts. This historic event marks the first time a former US president has faced criminal charges. If convicted, Trump could face a maximum sentence of 136 years in prison.

The Charges

Former US president Donald Trump, centre, with his defence team during his arraignment. Associated Press

The indictment against Trump consists of 34 felony counts, including tax evasion, wire fraud, bank fraud, and racketeering. These charges stem from various investigations into his personal and business affairs, with authorities scrutinizing his financial records, real estate dealings, and political activities.

The Arraignment

On April 4th, 2024, Trump was arraigned in a Manhattan court, entering a plea of not guilty to all charges. The hearing was widely covered by media outlets from around the world, as it marks a turning point in the legal proceedings against the former president. The arraignment signifies the formal reading of the charges, and Trump’s plea sets the stage for the trial process to begin.

Potential Consequences

According to legal experts, the maximum sentences for each of the 34 felony counts add up to a staggering 136 years in prison. While it is unlikely that Trump would receive the maximum sentence for each count if convicted, the severity of the potential penalties underscores the gravity of the situation.

Historic Court Moment

The arraignment of a former US president is an unprecedented event in American history. No former president has ever faced criminal charges before, making Trump’s legal battle a landmark case with potential long-lasting implications for the country. The trial will undoubtedly be closely watched by both legal scholars and the public alike, as it unfolds in the coming months.

What’s Next

Following the arraignment, the trial process will begin, with both the prosecution and defense preparing their cases. The trial is expected to attract considerable attention, as it may reveal previously undisclosed details about Trump’s financial dealings and political activities. While the outcome of the trial remains uncertain, it is clear that the case has already had a profound impact on the nation.


The arraignment of former President Donald Trump marks a historic moment in American history, as he faces 34 felony counts and the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence.

The trial process that follows will be closely watched, as it has the potential to expose new information about Trump’s personal and business affairs. Regardless of the outcome, this landmark case is sure to have lasting implications for the United States and its political landscape.

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