Who Owns GamerSupps? Legal Disputes and Ownership Controversies

GamerSupps has made a significant impact on the gaming community with its line of energy supplements designed to enhance focus and endurance during prolonged gaming sessions. The company’s ownership became a matter of public interest after content creator Jschlatt (Jonathan Schlatt) was reported to have purchased GamerSupps in 2022.

GamerSupps has been catering to gamers’ unique needs but has faced scrutiny for various reasons including the health impact of its products and how it manages relationships with partners and ambassadors.

Key Takeaways

  • GamerSupps is owned by internet personality Jonathan Schlatt, who bought it in 2022.
  • The company was originally founded by Eric Frayman
  • GamerSupps is known for its energy supplements tailored for the gaming community.
  • GamerSupps continues growing despite health concerns about its products. 


Gamer Supps Products

GamerSupps, a company known in the gaming community for its energy supplements, has an interesting ownership structure. Jonathan Schlatt, a popular YouTuber, announced he is a part owner of the company.

This development occurred in May 2022, marking a significant partnership between the brand and a leading figure in the gaming industry.

However, clarifying the full ownership landscape, the company was originally founded by Eric Frayman. Early documentation and reports suggest that the initial founders included Ryan Morrison and Ryan Garvey. These individuals were recognized for identifying a market need geared towards enhancing gaming performance and focus.

Controversial accusations have been directed towards GamerSupps’ internal management practices, particularly involving disputes over payment to collaborators.

Despite this, the company has reportedly maintained its growth trajectory within the competitive supplements market.

Jonathan Schlatt’s Net Worth

Jonathan Schlatt Interview

Jonathan Schlatt’s net worth is subject to varied estimates. According to Tech Bullion, it’s pegged at $200,000. This figure includes the value of Schlatt’s YouTube channel, Jschlatt, estimated at $103,000 based on its 19.1 million views and 462,000 subscribers.

The primary source of his earnings appears to be advertising revenue generated from YouTube.

Schlatt co-founded Schlatt & Co., holding a fifty percent stake in the venture alongside his business partner. The company engages in several initiatives, including the launch of Schlattcoin and the sale of merchandise. However, specific details regarding its financial performance remain undisclosed.

History and Background 

Established in 2015, GamerSupps started as an energy supplement company focused on the gaming community according to their FAQ section. The founders identified a niche market of gamers seeking performance enhancement without the conventional drawbacks of traditional energy drinks.


  • Eric Frayman
  • Ryan Morrison
  • Ryan Garvey

Their product line promised to offer long-lasting energy, improved endurance, and focus, catering specifically to the unique needs of gamers. With a vision to dominate the gaming supplement space, GamerSupps aimed to deliver a solution for gamers to maintain peak performance during lengthy gaming sessions as noted by Maxgaming.

Company Growth

  • Entered the market with competitive branding.
  • Expanded product range to multiple flavors and formulations.
  • Developed a community presence through partnerships.

The brand gained traction through strategic marketing and partnerships with content creators and influencers within the esports arena, further establishing its presence in the gaming community.


In the wake of their success, GamerSupps faced challenges including legal disputes and health concerns raised over their product ingredients. Such issues led to discussions about the company’s ethical practices and transparency as per Marketrealist.

Despite the hurdles, GamerSupps has continued to grow and evolve as a key player in the esports nutrition sector, adapting to the shifting landscape of gamer health and wellness.

GamerSupps Product Line

GamerSupps Opening

GamerSupps offers a range of energy supplements specifically designed to cater to gamers and individuals seeking enhanced focus and sustained energy.

Their product portfolio primarily consists of GG (GamerSupps GG), a powdered energy drink formula that is often touted for its zero sugar content and inclusion of nootropic elements.

The highlights of their product line include:

  • GG Energy Formula: A sugar-free drink that provides a considerable energy boost without the calories. It comes in a variety of flavors, such as Dragon Fruit Punch, Blue Razz, and Acai Berry.
  • Waifu Cups: Special edition shaker cups with unique, eye-catching designs.

One defining feature of GamerSupps is the servings per container. Compared to many competitive brands, GamerSupps often includes a greater number of servings, making it a cost-effective option for consumers stated by the medium.

Formulation and Packaging

  • Nootropics: Included for cognitive enhancement.
  • Natural Flavors: Used to craft their diverse flavor range.
  • Electrolytes: Added for hydration purposes.

The products are typically distributed in tubs, with individual servings portioned for convenient use.

Controversies Surrounding 

Man Holding Gamer Supps in his Hand

They have been associated with legal challenges and public disputes within the gaming community. At the heart of some disputes are allegations related to product endorsements and financial transactions with collaborators according to OkayBliss.

Allegations have emerged accusing GamerSupps of neglecting to pay some collaborators, an issue that raises concerns about business ethics in the gaming industry.

These claims have circulated widely and impacted the company’s reputation among consumers and business partners.

Moreover, health concerns over the company’s products have been a topic of discussion. Questions about the efficacy and safety of the energy supplements have been critical for both the community and the industry at large.

Critics often underscore the importance of transparency and compliance with health regulations.

The company’s ownership changes have also attracted attention. 

Major Lawsuit Details

Last year, GamerSupps encountered controversy when an ambassador, known as IceRocker, shared her experiences of unfair treatment by the company’s executives online. She accused GamerSupps of using her marketing ideas without offering compensation.

IceRocker discovered that the company frequently failed to pay its collaborators. She encouraged others to withdraw their support from GamerSupps and terminated her contract with them.

“I conducted some research and reached out to every GS ‘partner’ I was acquainted with. It appeared that many had no method to receive payment,”

She stated. After causing significant damage to the company’s reputation, with numerous others sharing their negative experiences, she ended her partnership. Despite expectations of legal action due to breach of contract, no lawsuit ensued.

Allegation Response Impact
Deceptive Marketing Company defends marketing strategies Consumer trust is challenged
Safety and Efficacy The company affirms product safety and efficacy Health concerns spark debate
Contractual Obligations Allegations of failure to pay; The company counters these claims Legal scrutiny intensifies

The outcome of the lawsuit and its long-term effects on GamerSupps remain to be fully observed within the industry.

Public Response and Impact

Youtuber showing gamersupps cup

The ownership of GamerSupps, particularly after the acquisition by controversial content creator Jschlatt, elicited varied reactions from the public. The gaming community has been vocal on social media platforms, expressing both support and concerns regarding the company’s direction and practices.

Community Engagement: Online forums and social media have been significant venues for public discourse. Supporters of GamerSupps praise the brand for its product effectiveness and creative marketing approach. However, others raise health concerns about the supplements and the company’s transparency.

Consumer Trust: Allegations of not paying collaborators, as reported by key figures in the gaming community,  have affected consumer trust. The brand’s response to these allegations was crucial in maintaining its reputation within the industry.

Legal Scrutiny: The lawsuit brought against GamerSupps has put the company under legal scrutiny. While the details of the legal proceedings are complex, they carry implications for the gaming supplement industry as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewer shows Gamer Supps Energy Drinks

Who is the CEO of GamerSupps?
The CEO of GamerSupps is Eric Frayman. He has been involved in leading the company since its inception.
What involvement does internet personality jschlatt have with GamerSupps?
Internet personality jschlatt acquired GamerSupps in 2022 and has since been connected to the company’s ownership and branding efforts.
Has GamerSupps faced any notable legal challenges or controversies?
Hidden content
Is GamerSupps certified by the FDA?
GamerSupps, like most dietary supplements, is not formally certified by the FDA but is required to comply with FDA regulations for dietary supplements. 
What are the financials of GamerSupps, such as its estimated revenue?
GamerSupps’ estimated revenue is not publicly disclosed. The company has experienced growth despite facing controversies in the market.

Final Words

GamerSupps stands as a pivotal force in the gaming community, offering specialized supplements that cater to gamers’ demands for enhanced focus and stamina. Despite facing controversies and legal challenges, the brand has maintained its growth, thanks in part to the strategic ownership by internet personality Jonathan Schlatt and its commitment to addressing the unique needs of gamers.

As GamerSupps continues to navigate the complexities of the market and public opinion, its journey underscores the dynamic interplay between innovation, community engagement, and the challenges of sustaining ethical business practices within the competitive landscape of gaming supplements.

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