Sports Betting Apps: How to Know If They Are Safe and Secure – 2024 Guide

Sports Betting Apps

You could argue that we’re living in the best of times, at least technologically vice. If you’re a fan of online casinos and online sports betting apps you certainly share this opinion. The age of mobile apps, online betting platforms, and internet technology in general dawned upon us some time ago.

In the future, we can expect even more improvements in any domain the tech and the web can touch upon. We only have a few worries left in this department and those two that always pop up are called safety and security. 

Sports betting apps are all over the place. There’s no arguing it. Many of them are legit, good, and trustworthy, and you can create a user account and deposit money without too many worries. But there are those fraudulent, that operate in the gray shades of law and legitimacy.

Once you find the one that’s the real deal, you have nothing too much to worry about, right? Well, the landscape of online sports betting is always changing.

New platforms look to attract new players so they come at you with better deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and of course better odds. 

These are the main reasons why people change online betting platforms. So, a change is sometimes a necessity and sometimes a desire.

Either way, you need to ensure that you do not make a mistake when you’re joining a new sports betting app. To ensure that you’re on the right path we are going to talk about ways to know if sports betting apps are safe and secure.

If you want to get straight to the point, you can visit Mlive.com and see their direct recommendations. In the meantime, stay with us for some general guidelines on how to handle this situation with ease. 

Licensing and Regulations

Licensing and Regulations

Start from the most basic of all rules when it comes to internet safety and security. Ensure that any platform or application tied to sports betting or any form of gambling has a license and is regulated by a higher authority. License and regulations are like bodyguards of a safe and secure online presence.

A legitimate sports betting organization will have all the needed licenses and will be regulated by both the authorities and principles of fairness.

So, before you join a new platform ensure that they’re properly licensed which can be found on their “About Us’ page.

New websites want to show their license on the front page so that the new players feel safe coming in. Those that are fraudulent, will look to hide this information as they do not own it. 

Seek User Reviews 


Sometimes, you do not have to trust a casino or an online sports betting platform. All you need to do is talk to your peers. Fellow gamblers will usually open up about their experience and are always eager to share their previous experience.

While you can’t talk to every gambler in the world, there are platforms, forums, and comment sections on different websites that are dedicated to reviewing different online platforms.

The best place to start would be AppStore or Google Play Store where users leave their thoughts after downloading and using an app.

A negative review is never a sign of good things to come. So, take a look at both positive and negative feedback and make a rational decision that should lead you to a safe and secure location to place your next bet. 

Encryption and Data Protection

Once you start living in the digital world, your values change. Instead of money, gold, and real estate, you start valuing data above all else. When you join a sports betting platform, they will collect a lot of your data. We’re not only talking about your personal information.

There is also data tied to the back accounts you leave when you deposit the money. This is where high-end encryption comes into play. It is what guarantees that all of your data will remain safe as long you play and way past that point. Eternity is a good word to use here.

So, only download and use apps that guarantee SSL encryption. It is found in the address bar, and you must not neglect it. When there is no encryption, there are no guarantees and that’s a red flag from the get-go.

User Verification and Authentication 

Any platform that has the integrity of its users in the first place is the one that has integrity of its own. A legit sports betting platform goes beyond reason to test its users through the verification process and has its eyes on robust authentication.

What is seen as standard today in all tech and digital industries is the two-factor authentication. A platform that does not have or require this shouldn’t be considered legitimate.

You should add different verification procedures to the mix (think of providing a form of an ID document). With everything above on the plate, you can join a sports betting app and leave all worries of safety and security at home. 

Protected Financial Transaction 

Financial Transaction 

While the first goal of sports betting is to prove that you know a few things about the sport in question and have fun, and add depth to your sports fandom, at the end of the day what matters above is the financial gain you’re expecting. We are all playing to win.

There is no other way to place your bets. To make a bet in the first place you’re required to deposit money. While you’re willing to bet on sports and spend your money that way, you want to know where it goes and how it happens.

A legitimate sports betting platform is expected to offer payment security both when depositing and withdrawing.

The best way to know that your money is safe is to join a platform that provides various secure payment methods. Credit cards, PayPal, direct deposits, e-wallets, and crypto are all options. A platform with reduced options should be avoided. 

Bottom Line

You need to look out for yourself when you’re trying to place your bets online. It all starts with picking a safe and secure platform.

When you make a good decision in that department the rest of the road is a walk in the park. With a few guidelines we provided above you can do well in this domain of internet existence, and enjoy your sports betting adventure with little to no worries.

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