And the race is off…

Tuthill and Bender are standing at the starting line.  Their running shoes are tightly tied.  The clock is counting down… and they’re off.

Both candidates circle the first mile and Tuthill and Bender are running neck and neck.  Both candidates have had two successful pregnancies and Tuthill a successful adoption.  Both have triumphed over cancer!

In the homestretch what distinguishes them?  Experience!  The long distance runner Tuthill has been a community activist, a small business owner and is current Tenth Ward City Council Member.  She has conditioned and trained up and down the streets of the Tenth Ward.  Running sprints from Lyndale to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and back over to the shores of Lake Calhoun, talking to residents along the way.

Approaching the finish line, Tuthill isn’t in the race as a career athlete.

This marathon isn’t added to a resume or talked about during the next race.  Tuthill is in the race to bring stability; leadership and vision to the most exciting course an athlete can run in, the Tenth Ward.

What the Tenth Ward needs and deserves is an athlete with dedicated leadership.  The medals hanging on the wall are from running marathons by volunteering for the Minneapolis Public Schools, being a small business owner, bringing Mueller park to Bryant Ave, being the champion of public safety, and raising a family in the heart of Minneapolis.  All these medals proving Tuthill is the most qualified athlete.

Join me in cheering for Tuthill as takes the lead and crosses the finish line.

Mike Spellman
East Calhoun