Eavesdropping on spring

Voices from Lake Harriet, as recorded and reported verbatim on the first 60-degree day in almost five months.

I can carry it whenever you get sick of carrying it.

I’m just warning you, that’s what happens to people like that.

Sit. Sit down. Sit. Sit. Sit. Sit down.

I should have brought my rollerblades.

With deer, they’re very strict about it. It has to be gutted and cleaned in case the internal organs are exploded.

On your left.

I’m like Sir Lancelot.

I bet you are.

I never go anywhere anymore. What time does it start?

I saw Carl Eller and Alan Page together, and they were this big, this tall. Huge.

She made a joke about her at the baby shower.

I don’t think she thought it was very funny.

Everything is a struggle. He wants to jump up on that bed, and it’s just like, "Awww."

Long winter, mon.

And I said, "Eight days without a job? That’s nothing."

Last year I had a boyfriend, plans.

Feel. That. Sun. Mmmm.

On your left.

Don’t go that fast again, I don’t want to have to catch you.

We don’t have to go this fast. Slow down.

Yeah, well, whatever.

Get me some popcorn? I just want some popcorn.

It seems like she’s starting to get cold feet.


Gay? Gay? What about Al Franken?

So if I do this tomorrow, I think I’ll end up leaving him at home and just end up bringing her.

I just cut off the tops of the bottles.

It was a nice trip. I’ll write all of this down for you. At the top of the south ramp … what’s the weather like?

On your left.

She might be the most self-centered person I’ve ever met.

Roger, that.

I’d rather be alone.



We should’ve stopped. It’s windy on the other side.

That girl should really put a shirt on.

That’s not what I said at all. At all.

Airplane! See the airplane?

On your left.

You always (bleeping) do that.

Keep your voice down.

Is that really what you’re saying to me? I don’t have that kind of money.

I just want to move to the country.

So is it fun for them? Ten bucks a month?

On your left.

It’s definitely something to think about.

We were inside, we were all inside, and Mallory was like …

Great house, great neighborhood, so what’s the problem?

It was fine, and nice. But I feel like the only reason we’re doing it … I guess I just don’t have the courage to tell him.

Last year the manager said there was something really off.

On your left.

Honey, don’t go there. You need to start listening and stay on the path.

We’re on the same trajectory, right?

I know, right?

Maybe we should just do little presents for her, then.

It might be God’s plan.

He’s a rescue dog. The husband and wife worked all day and just left him there. When I met him, he was really depressed. I put my hand in the cage to hold his paw, and I’d get depressed, too.

Maybe the little guy is on vacation, honey.

Gimme a bump.

Mind, body, spirit. I try to keep that in mind.

The funeral’s in Iowa, so we’ll drive down after I get off.

On your left.

Jim Walsh lives and grew up in East Harriet.