Shampoo in a bag

Wanous Shampoo Co.
Wanous Shampoo Co. Image from Hennepin History Museum’s collection.

All I want for Christmas is a … shampoo bag? The locally-invented and manufactured shampoo bags were the ideal practical present for local men and women looking for an alternative to caustic lye shampoos. These bags, the Josie A. Wanous Shampoo-Company bragged, were made of healthy vegetable ingredients and were “delightfully refreshing,” sure to add “vigor and luster to the hair.” The bags were invented by Josie Wanous, one of Minnesota’s first female pharmacists. Her bags were sold nationally, although here in Minneapolis shoppers could purchase them directly from the manufacturer. Here, the company’s store windows at 126 E. Lake St. are shown decorated for the December holiday season. The exact year of this photo is unknown.

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