The view from Dean Boulevard

View from 2924 Dean Blvd looking SE
Image from Hennepin History Museum’s collection.

Hennepin History Museum has thousands of historic real estate photographs in its collection. While most of these photographs feature the façade of the home, occasionally the files include images taken from different vantage points — in this case, presumably the front steps of the home at 2924 Dean Boulevard (now Dean Parkway). The waters of Bde Maka Ska were just a short half-block away, a major selling point for any potential buyer. The seven-bedroom home was originally filled by the seven-member Selle family. Tragedy hit in 1919 when Harry Selle died of a heart attack, leaving behind his wife and five young children. The Selles continued to live in the home, although they rented out rooms to boarders during the height of the Depression and the early years of World War II. In 1952, the home went on the market. It was, read the advertisement, “in the heart of a wonderful rental district. You have parks, lakes, schools, shopping district, transportation” — all attributes that continue to attract renters and buyers alike to the neighborhood today.

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