Uptown before Calhoun Square

Calhoun Square site aerial from Ray Harris
Image from the Hennepin History Museum’s collection.

This aerial photograph, donated to the Hennepin History Museum by original Calhoun Square developer Ray Harris, shows Uptown’s commercial core circa 1980. The large lot in the center was once the site of the Calhoun School, and now is home to Calhoun Square’s parking garage. Some of these buildings remain standing, while others are long gone; the Uptown Theatre, visible at the bottom of the photo, remains a local landmark, while the McDonald’s across the street — the 1980s home of a thriving “McPunk” scene — was replaced years ago. Also of note is Uptown Lanes, located on the east side of Hennepin Avenue between Lake and 31st streets. Uptown Lanes and many of its neighbors closed in 1982 for the construction of Calhoun Square.

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