A bygone bridge

Lake Calhoun 36th St_Grayscale
Image from Hennepin History Museum’s collection.

Do you recognize this vista? The details may have changed, but it’s still easy to see the contours of Bde Maka Ska’s shore. This undated photograph was taken near the intersection of 36th Street and East Calhoun Parkway looking south; tombstones in Lakewood Cemetery are visible on the left of the image. Riders heading to Linden Hills from downtown traveled south on Hennepin Avenue until 31st Street, then onto a private right-of-way that curved around the lake. This bridge crossing 36th Street is no longer standing, but during the streetcar era steps led from the street to the boarding platform. Visible in the distance is Lakewood Cemetery’s streetcar entrance, marked by a now-demolished freestanding stone station. The Como-Harriet streetcar line stopped operating in 1954, although the Minnesota Streetcar Museum still operates along a small portion of these tracks.

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