The look of Halloween, circa 1916

Happy Halloween from Hennepin History Museum! While carving your pumpkins, compiling costume components, or stocking up on bite-sized candy, take a moment to realize that you’re following in a long tradition. While the specifics may have changed — the kids 100 years ago weren’t dressing as Mario and Luigi or Wonder Woman — Halloween has been going strong in Minneapolis for generations. Here, Southwest Minneapolis resident Carl Jacobi shows off his costume circa 1916. Jacobi’s creativity continued into adulthood; he grew up to be a successful pulp and horror fiction writer, writing much of it from his Lyn-Lake office. “Carl Jacobi makes hair stand up,” wrote Clifford Simak in a 1947 Minneapolis Journal review of a new anthology of Jacobi’s writing, “It is not the actual words, but the buildup of imagination in the reader’s mind that makes the blood run cold and the hair stand up on end.”


Photograph from the collection of the Hennepin History Museum. Learn more about the museum and its offerings at or 870-1329.