Under construction

Current Southwest residents may take some solace from knowing that today’s seeming constant home construction and roadwork is nothing new.

Here, a new home on the corner of Emerson & 34th goes up in 1923. By the 1920s, the neighborhood (today known as CARAG) was already well developed.

Many of the single-family homes had been built 10, even 20 years earlier, and by the 1920s empty lots were being filled in to build duplexes, as well as the larger brick apartment buildings in the neighborhood.

Then, as now, this location was convenient to the burgeoning commercial core centered at Lake & Hennepin, as well as to public transportation links to downtown Minneapolis.

And then, as now, complaints about road conditions and parking concerns were already part of the public dialogue.

Photograph from the collection of the Hennepin History Museum. Learn more about the museum and its offerings at hennepinhistory.org or 870-1329.