Linden Hills’ oldest church

Linden Hills Congregational Church 1905
Linden Hills Congregational Church 1905

Did you know that the Linden Hills United Church of Christ has the distinction of being Linden Hills’ oldest church?

In 1902, the church, then known as the Linden Hills Congregational Church, held its first formal service under a large tent at 42nd & Sheridan.

It soon became clear that meeting in tents or in living rooms was inadequate for the congregation’s growing membership, and the church’s 54 charter members set about to raise $4,600 to buy land and to construct a more permanent home.

They purchased property at 4200 Upton Ave., and one of their members, architect George Keith, designed the frame church shown here.

By 1903, the church dedicated its new space. But by 1905, the year of this photograph, the rapidly expanding congregation was already outgrowing its new space.

Two years later the congregation began construction on a new, larger building, the one still in use by the church today. The original 1903 building was demolished in 1968 and was replaced by an education wing.

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