The last indoor market of winter

Kiss My Cabbage
Adrienne from Kiss My Cabbage shares her knowledge about lacto-fermented kimchi and sauerkraut with her customers. Submitted photo

Neighborhood Roots’ final indoor market of the winter runs from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 23, at Bachman’s on Lyndale, and we’ve got a great line-up for you! We’ll have live music performed by both Broken Heartland String Band and One Ukulele.

In the fresh greens department, we’ll have salad greens, kale and Swiss chard from Dawn 2 Dusk Farm as well as greens and fresh herbs from Tangletown Gardens. Looking for carrots, onions and potatoes? We’ve got you covered.

Stop by and visit Denny and Lynn Havlicek for Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Haralson, Fireside and Keepsake apples along with honey. Brand Farms will be there with eggs and dried apples. Both LoveTree Farmstead Cheese and Cosmic Wheel Creamery can fill your cheese needs.

Denny and Lynn Havlicek
Denny and Lynn Havlicek

Looking for meat? Visit Braucher’s Sunshine Harvest Farm for eggs and a wide selection of meat. Johnson Family Pastures will be running a sale – 20 percent off beef roasts, pork roasts, and stewing hens. Dancing the Land Farm will have lamb and beautiful yarn from their own sheep!

Stop by to chat with Matt from Wild Run Salmon and pick up some delicious wild-caught salmon. Peter and Carmen and Jerry from Hazelwood Creek will be there with lots of jarred treats.

Dan from Walsh Ridge Farm will have plenty of jams, jellies and maple syrup. Davidson’s farm will have lots of tasty canned goods as well as raw honey, beeswax and winter squash! Visit Minnesota Food Forest to taste their amazing maple cream and pick up some fruit leathers. “What’s maple cream,” you ask? Lynette and Clemon will tell you all about it. Michael and Sherri from Brush Prairie Farm will have lots of canned goods and maybe some winter squash. Dave will be there with all his pickled goodies from Martha’s Joy.

Winter isn’t quite over yet and Red Clover Herbal Apothecary can help keep you well through the end. Nancy will have cold and flu remedies, Elderberry syrup, winter warming elixir (fire cider), herbal throat spray, an assortment of herbal teas, herbal salves and herbal extracts. Dorothy from Heath Glen will have jams and marmalades, beverage syrups, shrub syrups and spice and seasoning blends.

Come to the market hungry because we have some great options for on-the-spot eating. Sun Street Breads will have pastries and bread loaves to take home for dinner. Oh Crepe! will be making both sweet and savory crepes. Wha’ Jamaican will be serving up oxtails, jerk chicken, steamed veggies and coconut basmati rice. And Chef Shack will be featuring some of their gluten-free items such as a Thai green curry.

Thirsty? Cafe Palmira will be brewing coffee, and Moonchild Naturals will offer natural sodas, sparkling waters, and glass straws.

And don’t forget to swing by the bar for a beer, where all proceeds go to Neighborhood Roots, the nonprofit organization that brings you the Fulton, Kingfield and Nokomis farmers markets! A huge thank you to Lakes & Legends for donating the beer and to Book Club Restaurant for their sponsorship.

Adrienne from Kiss My Cabbage will be bringing all three Asian-inspired kimchi varieties as well as lemon garlic dill, Plain Ol’ Sauerkraut, Central American red cabbage curtido, Italian-inspired giardiniera, plus seasonal apple curry Elderberry and apple juniper onion. Stop by to see Jim at Topos Ferments. He’ll have purple daikon radish with Tae-kyung peppers, green daikon with dill, green daikon with leek and dulse, and maybe some preserved lemons.

Have a sweet tooth? Andrea from Groveland Confections has got you covered. Creature Comfort Hot Sauce will add some zing to your dinner, and Ancient Indian Spices can warm up your winter meals. Treats and toys for your furry friends are available from Squirrel!

Also look for sterling silver jewelry and hand-painted shirts and sweatshirts, garden ornaments, mirrored garden art, hand batik scarves and headbands.

And none of this would be possible without our dedicated sponsors. Nicollet Ace Hardware will be at the market with teeny-tiny baby chicks. Place your chick orders soon, and Ace can provide you with all of your backyard chicken supplies. They’ve been a supporter of the markets for many years and we’re proud to work with them. Kamy from Augustine Team will be next to the bar hosting a kids activity so bring the kiddos by to make some flowers and learn more about what Kamy does. And Hero Plumbing, surely you’ve called them this winter when your pipes froze. If you didn’t, you should call them next time you have a plumbing need. These are the businesses that choose to support the markets that you love. So please support them.

I’d also like to thank you all, our customers. If you didn’t come out every week to be part of our market communities, then our markets and Neighborhood Roots wouldn’t exist.

See you Saturday!

Sarah Woutat has been the Market Manager for Neighborhood Roots since 2019. Before managing the markets, she was a vendor at Fulton and Kingfield for eight years.