Support the police

Your recent article “Robbery pattern persists” features some statistics in reporting on robbery, carjacking and “violent crime” in general in our area.

Your reporter cites the influence of “economic hardship, closed schools and added social stressors” as part of the explanation for increases in these crimes. Fair enough.

In the only examples presented, he goes on to specifically reference two carjacking incidents in the Uptown area. In the first a hair stylist was punched, kicked and thrown to the ground before her car was stolen. A similar carjacking attempt there soon followed.

Continuing the story, the salon owner said the answer to these incidents wasn’t just calling police.

The stylist who was assaulted suggested that instead of more police, there was a need for more social services and community-based services as a solution to violence. For her assailants, the stylist said, she “wants them to get help with whatever caused them to feel they had to do these things.”

The fact is that the 5th Precinct is currently understaffed. While the perpetrators of these and other felonious acts might benefit from a social service/mental health/counseling approach — eventually — in the interim without adequate law enforcement resources and support for police in the community, I don’t expect the mitigation of these violent acts, and other lesser crimes, anytime soon.

Perhaps soliciting a few other opinions in the neighborhood on this subject may have reflected that thought.

Jeffrey Peterson