Please hire AIM

In response to the recent rise in crime in Minneapolis, I encourage the city of Minneapolis to offer salaried leadership roles and jobs in “maintaining the peace” (and security) in Minneapolis to representatives and appointees of the American Indian Movement (AIM). AIM was founded in July 1968 in Minneapolis to address systemic issues of poverty and police brutality (against Native Americans). AIM did a laudable job of keeping the peace on East Franklin Avenue during the riots in May and June, saving untold tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of would-have-been property damage. AIM should be rewarded for the courage, bravery and timeliness with which they spontaneously responded to these riots as they occurred, night after night, over about a two-week period. AIM knows how to “keep the peace” without resorting to police brutality. We are extremely fortunate to have these knowledgeable human resources called AIM in Minneapolis, and we should employ them for their wisdom and capability going forward.

Karen Lunde

Linden Hills