Bring back the lifeguards

On Tuesday, June 16, two people were taken to HCMC after being rescued from drowning at Thomas Beach on Bde Mka Ska. Regardless of COVID, our beaches are full of swimmers. So why are our lifeguards not on duty? Swimming at the beach is one of the few free summer activities available to kids. The well-off can go to the pool at Lifetime Fitness or other clubs that have reopened. The less fortunate do not have that option. The lack of lifeguards also has an unfair effect on black and Latino children, who are less likely than white kids to know how to swim, according to one survey from the USA Swimming Foundation. It’s past time to get our lifeguards back on duty protecting kids at our beaches. [Editor’s note: Lifeguards were added to Thomas Beach on June 20. Read more about the Park Board’s opening of beaches.]

Eric C. Nelson

Bryn Mawr