A collective change

We are Minneapolis parents from an economically advantaged community school (Kenwood Community School), and we support immediate passage of the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Comprehensive District Design (CDD). When our children benefit from a system that leaves our neighbors’ children behind, we signal that some kids deserve less and are destined to be forgotten. We’d rather be the change we wish to see in the world.

The CDD is intended to disrupt the status quo. Significant changes to boundaries, curriculum, teaching staff and magnet programs create uncertainty and discomfort — but this is what it will take to begin counteracting a staggering failure to provide basic academic proficiency to many black, Indigenous and other children of color. The current system is a collective failure by all of us, and it requires a collective change. We cannot wait another year to do right by all children in our community.

We are eager to step into these changes with courage and humility. If children teach us anything, it’s that we can do hard things and hard things are worth doing. Let’s not look back and say we spoke of values we did not fight for.

Mark Brown, Jennifer Debrow, Meredith Fox, Ellen Guettler, Chris Martin, Ben Pofahl, Mike Skoglund, Mary Austin Speaker and Jon Steadland