Take action against plastic pollution

In January, Berkeley, California approved a 25-cent fee for disposable cups. While it is an important step in preventing waste from killing wildlife, I believe that Minnesota, with help from environmental advocacy organization Environment Minnesota, can take a stronger stance in preventing harmful plastic pollution.

Polystyrene, or what is commonly known as Styrofoam, is a plastic compound that does not biodegrade. Currently, Americans dispose of 70 million foam cups every day, and every year 14 million tons of foam is manufactured worldwide.

What’s more alarming is that polystyrene is not biodegradable, so every single piece of foam that we have ever created is still out there.

By banning unnecessary items like foam cups or foam takeout containers and replacing them with a biodegradable alternative, we will dramatically reduce our plastic waste, protecting our lakes, rivers, beautiful state parks and the wildlife that reside there.

Minnesota has always been full of passionate people who care about the environment. It’s about time that we take action on a state level and ban single-use polystyrene.


Emily Mares