Support increased density

Our current energy consumption habits are not just unsustainable for the environment. They’re unsustainable for our pocketbooks as well.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, nearly one-third of households struggle to afford the amount of energy they’re consuming. Twenty percent of households reported forgoing necessities such as food to pay an energy bill, 11 percent reported keeping their home at an unsafe temperature and 14 percent received a disconnection notice. Minority racial groups experienced higher rates of energy insecurity than white residents.

One of the main goals of the Minneapolis 2040 plan is to increase density in Minneapolis. This will help to relieve both the environmental and socioeconomic burden of our current consumption. Increased density would allow our community to reduce drive times, expand affordable housing, promote integrated public transit and prioritize green spaces.

On Nov. 14, the City Council is holding a public hearing on the revised draft of the 2040 plan. Please consider attending this hearing and voicing support for increased density.

Another way to get involved is to contact your City Council member. Now is the time to change our trajectory, before more damage is done to both the environment and our community wellbeing.


Catherine Pokorny

Audubon Park