Ignoring community voices

It’s disappointing the Sons of Norway project is moving ahead ignoring the voices of the surrounding community. Living in the neighborhood for over 25 years, it’s like a gut punch. I wonder if officials like City Council President Lisa Bender even know what they voted for based on her quote.

“I can’t in good conscience, as an elected official in the city of Minneapolis, force a developer to build multi-million dollar homes at this location,” Bender said. “It just isn’t consistent with any of our policies or the promises that I have made when I ran for office.”

I don’t think multi-million dollar homes were ever discussed for the site. At issue were the existing zoning guidelines and a gradual “step-down” as a buffer to the homes closest to the project. I commend Council Member Lisa Goodman for being the lone dissenter, saying city officials have “a contract, in a way” with the neighborhood to create something that is better. That is all we want!

John Hemmesch

East Calhoun