A true public servant

I don’t weigh in on many political races these days, but I’m supporting Jamie Long for state House in District 61B and I want to tell you why.

Jamie is a true public servant. From his work running Congressman Keith Ellison’s office in Minnesota and helping advocate for constituents’ needs to his service to the community leading his neighborhood council to his efforts to bring a community solar garden to Southwest Minneapolis, Jamie pours himself into trying to improve people’s lives.

Having served 12 years in the Minnesota House, I know a few things about getting things done in the Legislature, and I’m confident Jamie has the skills and experience to make a real impact, starting right away. Legislating takes good policy, common sense and good people skills, and Jamie has all three of those.

Jamie already has worked side by side with elected leaders drafting bills that passed into law. Legislating takes building relationships, and Jamie has strong relationships already in communities all over Minneapolis and the state; these relationships will help Southwest Minneapolis, our city and region. Legislating takes organizing, and Jamie comes from grassroots movements and knows how to effectively mobilize them.

Jamie also, like me, comes from the Wellstone school of politics. He knows that to win in the long run, you have to engage and motivate voters. That’s why he is so committed to energizing 61B residents to turn out this fall, when the stakes couldn’t be higher with a critical governor’s race and two U.S. Senate races.

If you are a delegate or alternate to the March 24 Senate District 61 Convention, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Jamie. I know Jamie will make an outstanding representative,

Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Former speaker of the Minnesota House