Money in the Park Board race

Hennepin County campaign finance reports were just released, and there was about $15,000 spent by a political action committee suspiciously called “Save Our #1 Parks” to place inserts and online ads in the Southwest Journal promoting certain Park Board candidates and leveling disgusting attacks towards others.

What needs to be known is that this political action committee received a $15,000 check from the ultra right-wing Minnesota Jobs Coalition. This group has a long history of actually being opposed to funding the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. In 2014, this dark money group paid for an attack against legislators for their support of funding the Park Board’s renovation of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The sculpture garden was just reopened this summer in thanks to the $8.5 million from the Minnesota legislature that this group opposed.

The Minnesota Jobs Coalition said in their attack ads that “we deserve leaders who represent us, not Minneapolis.” I disagree. I want leaders on the Park Board that serve Minneapolis, not big business agendas.

Before we vote on Tuesday, we should ask ourselves why a group that says they want leaders who don’t serve Minneapolis would write a $15,000 check to help elect certain candidates to the Park Board. Who is this group saving our parks for?


John Berg