Bourn is positioned to lead on the Park Board

I note that a recent paid political insert in the Southwest Journal quoted from my Star Tribune articles in 2016 noting that  Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn is often on the outs with fellow commissioners and that his proposals often go unseconded. I stand by those reporting observations but I want to make clear that I’m supporting Brad Bourn’s re-election from Southwest Minneapolis District 6.

A commissioner can be on the outs with his colleagues on policy proposals because he’s ahead of them in recognizing areas that need to be addressed, such as increasing racial equity in park facilities and services. I’ve also suggested to Bourn that he work at building coalitions in support of his ideas, and I believe that he’s committed to that on a new board in which his experience positions him to play a leading role. He certainly has been a dogged fighter for investments in deteriorating buildings where warranted in some Southwest parks, but like other commissioners he’s supported trying to weight those investments toward areas of his district and city in greatest need for reasons of lower incomes and higher minority youth concentrations.

I like and respect Bob Fine. But I believe that he indicated where parks fall in his priorities when he walked away from his park commissioner seat in 2013 to run for mayor. I’m supporting Brad Bourn and urged you to do so as well.

Steve Brandt