Wary of Rex 26

There are plans for another building in the Wedge neighborhood at 26th & Lyndale. In case you haven’t been to 26th & Lyndale lately during the day, this intersection has turned into a parking lot. But do go ahead and build your 86-unit apartment building there and add an Aldi grocery store taking up 21,025 square feet in this space, with customers arriving to shop and to crowd this corner even more.

And where does all the space for this project come from, you ask? Some is coming from the old Rex Hardware store, now gone. Some will come from a home that has already been torn down. There are two more homes that are scheduled to be demolished. These are houses that are still occupied, and people are still living in them. One can’t help but wonder if the people who are living in these houses want to keep on living there and not move. The developer wants to demolish these two homes as space for a parking lot for the Aldi Store. The developer sees people’s homes as obstacles in the way of his plans.

Where were the people who run our city government, the council members and the planning committee members, who should be protecting our citizens and their homes? Don’t these homes and people have some rights in this matter? Where is the city government official or the planning committee member to say no, no, no for a parking lot?

Once again, the city officials can’t be counted on to protect our rights. No one listens at City Hall to the voice of the people. Their voices are silenced by the sound of the money generated by the Rex 26 development filling the city’s coffers.

So why am I speaking out when so many see only sunshine and roses in this project? Once again, this project is based on a prediction of what will occur, but predictions have a way not keeping their promises of success.

Just last week I read in the paper that some hospitals are closing their maternity facilities because people are having fewer children in these times. Another sign of what might come are all the for lease signs at apartment buildings in the Lake & Lyndale area.

Perhaps a more cautious approach is called for — a wait-and-see attitude, if you will — and the money spent more wisely on what is really needed.


Joyce Aprea Murphy

East Isles