A “rigged system”

Despite strong opposition from the impacted neighborhood, on May 16th the City Council Transportation and Public Works Committee — including Council members Kevin Reich, Lisa Bender, Linea Palmisano, Cam Gordon, Blong Yang and Elizabeth Glidden — approved a measure to remove a traffic lane and most of the parking on 26th and 28th streets between Hennepin and Portland avenues in order to install protected bikeways.

City officials had considered the approval a formality since the Council had previously approved the Protected Bikeway Update to the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan in 2015. The plan recommended 26th and 28th streets for protected bikeways.

On April 27th, the LynLake Business Association hosted a meeting with the city transportation planning staff to get information about this project out to a community that had been left mostly uninformed. While planner Simon Blenski confirmed that the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee was fully represented during the entire process, he also confirmed that no business association, the Lake Street Council or any private business was involved in the planning of the bikeways.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan was developed by the biking interests for the biking interests without any business or vehicle business input. It is a biased and unfair plan created by a “rigged system.”

If our streets are to be shared between bicycles and vehicles, the decisions about bikeway locations should be shared as well.


Larry Ludeman