Support for Jeremy Schroeder in Ward 11

In a year when many of us are looking for strong advocates who share our values, this year’s Minneapolis City Council elections are especially important. That’s why I’m thrilled to support my neighbor and friend, Jeremy Schroeder, in his campaign for the Ward 11 seat.

In previous elections, I supported the incumbent City Council member. But this time I don’t. Instead, I’m choosing the candidate who is smart, kind, energetic and a tireless advocate for everyone. Jeremy’s exemplary life of service to many different groups — from his successful campaign to eliminate the death penalty in Illinois to his current work advocating for affordable housing in Minnesota — provides him the tools needed to be an effective and responsive City Council member for our great city.

Jeremy is a coalition-builder who does something so often lacking in our current climate: He listens. He works hard to develop relationships with important collaborators, including the owners of businesses both large and small, homeowners, renters, lifelong city dwellers and recent immigrants. He is already extremely responsive to Ward 11 constituents, both in his council campaign and as a leader in the Hale-Page Diamond Lake Community Association. Also, I trust him to be an outcome-driven, trustworthy steward of the budget dollars he will manage as a part of the City Council.

I am so excited for more of my neighbors to get to know Jeremy. We are lucky that someone with his background, expertise and passion wants to serve Ward 11 and all of Minneapolis.


Mary Andrews Hanson

Diamond Lake