Frustrated by airport noise


Jet noise has become increasingly deafening in my neighborhood, and noise mitigation in homes is simply not enough.

What about walkers, bikers and gardeners exposed to dangerous decibel levels? Or how about children playing in the yard, neighbors visiting over the fence, house painters, i.e. people who spend time outdoors?

Research demonstrates the vital importance of being in nature and the costs of “nature deficit,” yet we expose ourselves to hearing damage by being outdoors. Must I wear ear plugs when I pull weeds, bike to the park, embark on my morning constitutional?

Planes seem to be flying lower now, not just on stormy/cloudy days. Is that necessary?

I understand there are quieter planes — could we require their use? This is a public health issue, as hearing loss is reaching epidemic proportions, not to mention the importance of peace and quiet for our mental wellbeing. MAC, please listen up, assuming your hearing is still intact.

Jean Greenwood