Fan mail for Jim Walsh

My Southwest Journal is delivered. I open it with the anticipation of a 5-year-old child on Christmas morning, searching for the Santa Surprise, the Creme de la Creme — the words of Jim Walsh.

 I have read over a hundred of Mr. Walsh’s articles, and he never disappoints. I eagerly devour the mastery of his writings, his wisdom, his kindness, his humor, his brilliance, his insight, and his passion. He has that rare ability to move his readers to laughter, to tears, to nostalgia, to thoughtfulness. His talent is reminiscent of the late David Carr, Hunter S. Thompson, and Henry Thoreau.

So budding journalist take note. You have a guru in your midst, a light to attain, a conduit to the shared human experience, the hope for the authenticity of the written word. Don’t disappoint.

Diane Mach
Linden Hills