A tight-knit sewing club


Members of the West 53rd Street Sewing Club pose for a holiday photo. Submitted photo
Members of the West 53rd Street Sewing Club pose for a holiday photo. Submitted photo

It’s been over 50 years since my family moved to our present home on West 53rd Street in Minneapolis. We’d heard people say that this is a very good neighborhood to live in. As the years rolled by we realized what they said was true.

We live close to the Minnehaha Creek, close to a public library, churches, grocery and drug store, school, community park and even the bus line. What more could a family with four growing children want?

As my next door neighbor and I were sitting on the front steps 50 years ago…we came up with the idea of forming a neighborhood ladies club where we wives could get together once a month in the evening to visit. Most of us did some sewing of one kind or another. Everyone we called was eager to join so we became the West 53rd Street Sewing Club.

We began with nine members so we could meet at a different house each month during the school year. All of us were stay-at-home wives and we all needed a night out without having to drive a car to get to our destination. All of us sewed, some of us knitted, some crocheted, some made holiday ornaments or Christmas stockings. Needle point was done. Even some mending was done. What a great way to share stories and yet have a purpose in meeting. Besides, it was FREE THERAPY!

We meet about 8 p.m. and stay as long as we desire. We have yet to run out of things to talk about. It has kept us in the know. We have shared many laughs. We have watched the children grow from a young age to those that have graduated from college and now have children of their own. We’ve come to feel comfortable just being in the neighborhood and can call on one another if need be. We must admit that we rarely sew anymore. It’s more of a social club but we still call it our Sewing Club.

Throughout the years we’ve lost members; some have moved away and others have died. But our sewing club still meets monthly during the school year. Who could have predicted 50 years ago we’d still have our 53rd Street Sewing Club?

50 years and still going strong….Who would have guessed?

Connie Larson
Original club member