A business owner on board with paid sick leave

I was disappointed to see the Southwest Business Association’s recently released report concerning the proposed earned sick and safe time standard for our city.

I am a longtime business member of the Association and I strongly support a city-wide standard for earned sick and safe days. In fact, I implemented the policies outlined in the city’s pending proposal in my own business eight months ago.

I’ve found that providing this basic worker’s right to my employees has strengthened my business – not burdened it. When workers are forced to choose between caring for themselves or a loved one and the ability to pay the rent, everyone pays the price. Not providing paid sick days is the real burden.

Because my staff is confident that I’m invested in them, they are more invested in me and my café. That means less costly employee turnover and a more energized, productive workforce.

Paid sick days, especially in my line of work, also mean protecting the public’s health. And paid sick and safe days are good for the economy. When workers aren’t terrified that the next bout of flu will cost them a month’s worth of groceries, they spend more, bolstering the vibrant local economy we are working to build here in Minneapolis.

Your readers should know that there are many local businesses, including within the Southwest Business Association, that are hoping to see the earned sick and safe time proposal move forward quickly so our community can reap the rewards of this common-sense workplace policy.

Daniel Swenson-Klatt
Owner and Operator, Butter Bakery Cafe