Support for a citywide paid sick time policy

I’m lucky to be part of a local business that takes care of its employees.

In the summer 2014 I tore both my patellar tendons and was bedridden for two weeks, and my boss Lonnie M. not only let me keep my job but paid me partial wage while I wasn’t able to work. At 36Lyn gas station, we see first-hand that many Minneapolis residents aren’t as lucky, which is why we as a business support a citywide ordinance to set a basic floor for sick days.

My five co-workers and I see 1,500 customers a day at 36Lyn gas and service center in South Minneapolis. We see customers nearly every day who stop by on the way to work, and we often can’t help but notice they are under the weather. Just this week, I saw my own roommate told to work after she called in sick.  As an employee in the skyway downtown, she probably had contact with hundreds of people, and I’m sure none of them would have appreciated the germs she brought on the job. Some of them may have even gotten sick themselves and missed work as a result.

The goal of this ordinance is to prevent those practices from happening, and to create a better quality of life in Minneapolis. People should stay home when they are sick, and not worry about rent or the bills.  We know people drive a little farther to come to 36Lyn to save money on gas — every nickel and dime counts. When people can stay home and recover, its benefits all of us — and when people have more money in their pockets, we all do better.

Devin Beach