Minneapolis should seize recycling opportunity

Minneapolis has a huge opportunity to improve recycling, combat climate change, and support livable wages. The city is currently deciding its recycling contractor for the next 10 years. It should select Eureka Recycling, a nonprofit with a zero-waste mission based right here in Minneapolis.

Eureka has provided St. Paul’s recycling services for 14 years. An impressive 96.5 percent of the materials it receives are recycled (well above average), and 90 percent of these materials go to markets here in Minnesota. More recycling means less greenhouse gas pollution.

Eureka is an excellent employer, paying livable wages and offering good benefits, like paid sick and safe time. With the city’s attention appropriately focused on these issues, it has a chance to use its own contracts to promote good jobs.

The current recycling contractor, Waste Management, is the largest garbage company in the country, with a financial stake in over 250 landfills. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.

Minneapolis is poised to be a nationwide leader on waste policy. The City Council should build on its exciting citywide composting rollout, and pick Eureka as its recycling contractor. If you agree, call your Council member.

Felicity Britton, Jamie Long & Keiko Veasey