Frey is taking a balanced approach on Working Families Agenda

I commend Council Member Jacob Frey for his handling of unfair public criticism he recently received in social media concerning his position on the “Working Families Agenda.” He spoke at the annual Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 28 and addressed the criticism.

Council Member Frey adeptly explained how he wants workers in Minneapolis to be treated fairly and have adequate benefits, and how he believes the city should work with both workers and employers in achieving such significant goals. He talked about having a constructive dialogue with all interested parties wherein everyone could address their concerns. But he also correctly pointed out that if the city unilaterally imposed its own rules regarding workers’ sick leave and work schedules it would seriously hurt the small and family owned businesses that are truly the backbone of Minneapolis’ economy.

Council Member Frey rightfully emphasized that name-calling and character bashing in social media serve no purpose in public policy discussions, and how such immature conduct only cheapens the conversation and distracts us all from serious deliberations on such important issues.  He explained he would gladly engage in public debate on serious matters but demanded that such debates be respectful. He called for civil and thoughtful engagement on work-place issues. We should all hope that everyone respects that call.

Joe Tamburino
Mill District