Community solar great option for Minneapolis residents

I am pleased to have read in a Southwest Journal article that Climate Minnesota’s event was successful in building buzz around climate change issues here in Minnesota. It also seems that many local solutions to climate change were discussed in depth. Solar power and community solar subscriptions are one great way that people right here in Minneapolis can work to mitigate climate change.

Xcel Energy is in the process of approving community solar gardens across the state. When these solar gardens are constructed and connected to the grid Xcel customers will be able to buy into this energy, effectively promoting renewable energy while saving money on their electricity bill.

Minnesota has made great progress towards a clean energy future by increasing solar power, effectively making solar more affordable for homeowners, businesses, and communities. According an Environment Minnesota Report, solar power capacity per person increased 42 percent in the state last year. If Xcel Energy approves the solar garden proposals that it has received and customers take the opportunity to go green, it will be a big step forward for Minnesota to create a clean energy future and mitigate climate change effects on our community.

Environment Minnesota
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