We need to end childhood hunger

Thousands of children from low-income families in Minnesota are battling child hunger. Many of these children benefit from free and reduced lunch programs during the school year. Once school lets out for the summer, 85 percent of these students are left wondering where their next meal is coming from.

Only 15 percent of children in Minnesota receive the benefits of summer meal programs. This is due to red tape and transportation issues, which impact a majority of these children during the summer. This community can thrive if we start giving attention to an often overlooked issue in our area. 

In September, an important step to ending summer hunger will take place in Congress. The Child Nutrition Reauthorization process can change the way we battle child hunger. There is an end to child hunger in sight, but we need to find a way to fix the system failing 16 million children nationwide. 

I want to see my community thrive, but we need Congress — especially Congressman John Kline — to support making changes to the summer meals program. We have the power to make Congress listen; we just need to bring this important issue to their attention.

Michele Borowicz