Imagining what life will be like with SWLRT

As I take my almost daily bicycle ride north on Kenilworth bike path, I think of the changes that will occur if light rail comes to this quiet area. Although walkers, runners and bikers are infrequently accompanied by slow moving trains, light rail will present noise as well as safety problems, to other users.

While I have seen the budget escalate to nearly $2 billion, I have not seen a commensurate increase in  justification for the cost. The $2 billion budget has been wisely diminished by the Met Council, knowing that the actual project  cost will be immaterial once the project is approved and construction begins.

I am now in sight of the proposed 21st St. Station, located adjacent to Hidden Beach, and not much else, which may benefit folks from Eden Prairie not wishing to drive to this beach, or Lake of The Isles area residents wishing to shop in Eden Prairie.

Terry Kita