ECCO board should embrace Graves’ project

As a former East Calhoun resident and ECCO board member, I read your recent article about Jim Graves’ plans for condominiums and a restaurant (“East Calhoun sees development plan for 31st & Holmes”) with great interest, but also great concern.

According to the article, the main critiques of the project related to parking, height, and neighborhood character. There are over 10 stories of parking ramp capacity within 5 minutes’ walk of the site; the building is a modest six stories with setbacks and nothing like what exists “downtown,” as one neighbor was quoted as saying. And the cited notion that Uptown has the character of a village completely disregards the tens of thousands of residents living in the area and the tens of thousands more who visit or pass through on a daily basis.

It’s 2015. Uptown is a dense, booming area in a growing metropolis, and there are pressing global issues (climate change) and local issues (inadequate transportation alternatives) that demand attention and relate directly to urban form. If ECCO is going to fiddle while Rome burns, I do hope the owner of the proposed Italian restaurant goes with the name “Nero’s” in their honor.

Anders S. Imboden