Thanks to Senator Dibble for walking and biking leadership

The Minnesota Legislature is in the final stage of negotiations around a new transportation funding package with billions of dollars — and, more importantly, the daily lives of millions of Minnesotans — on the line. 

The state and Minneapolis are lucky to have Senator Scott Dibble as the chief architect of the Senate’s transportation bill. Senator Dibble recognizes that transportation is fundamental to all of our lives and that the current system is broken — from unsafe streets to potholed roads to underserved transit—and needs new funding that serves diverse local needs across the state be it for roads, bridges, transit, biking, or walking.

Thank you, especially, to Senator Dibble for leading on what would be the first-ever state dedicated ongoing funding for walking and biking needs. Senator Dibble’s bill dedicates about 1.5 percentage of transportation funding to walking and biking. This will make a huge difference across the state and here in Minneapolis. State investment in walking and biking will help reduce skyrocketing health care costs by making healthy choices easier. It will save lives by reducing traffic crashes. This funding will allow more kids to have the option to walk to school. It will give more seniors safe places to stay active in their community. It will allow everyone to have more affordable transportation choices. It’s a great return on many things that matter to all of us every day. 

The final negotiations on the transportation bill will be challenging, but we are very lucky to have Senator Dibble and fellow transportation champion, Representative Frank Hornstein, working to make it the best bill possible for everyone. 

Ethan Fawley
executive director,
Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition