A win for clean indoor air in Minneapolis

On behalf of the Southside Urban Coalition we would like to thank the members of the Minneapolis City Council for voting to ban the use of e-cigarettes in indoor public spaces and for continuing to protect clean indoor air in Minneapolis. 

This ordinance comes at a critical time as the use of e-cigarettes by youth has been increasing. Nationwide the number of youth who used e-cigarettes, but not conventional cigarettes, tripled between 2011 and 2013 according to the National Youth Tobacco Survey. The same survey found that out of those youth, 49.3 percent “intended to smoke conventional cigarettes within the next year.”

To prevent youth from smoking it’s important to show that smoking, whether it’s vaping or using conventional tobacco products, is not the norm. By restricting the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces the Minneapolis City Council is helping to send the message that these products are not safe.

Southside Urban Coalition