Passionate about Investment in Early Childhood? Vote Marion Greene

As a parent with a keen interest in issues of social justice, I have been pleased and invigorated to witness growing attention in our community to the need to invest in early childhood development. The supporting research is well-known, and for more and more of my neighbors, friends and colleagues, focused investment in early childhood health, school-preparedness, and social-emotional well-being is a no-brainer. Yet as the existing opportunity gaps vividly illustrate, we are not there yet. The opportunities are exciting, but we need ongoing leadership to get it done.

Fortunately, there is something simple you can do in just few minutes to help transform our community’s focus and approach to early childhood: get to the polls to vote for Marion Greene for Hennepin County Commissioner on May 13. 

Marion is hard at work on a smart, interdisciplinary, intergenerational approach to put every infant on the path to success. During her tenure in the Minnesota Legislature, a main focus was early childhood education and health care. She’s a high-energy policy wonk with a passion for equality and inclusion. Meanwhile, no elected body has more immediate impact on the opportunity gap and the social safety net than the County Board.

I am confident that the low voter turnout at the April 29 primary is no measure of the passion this community feels about doing better by its kids.

So on May 13, step up to the polls.  Let’s take a few giant steps forward.  Vote for Marion Greene.

Laura Lassor
Linden Hills