A woman’s perspective on city’s running trails

Last week, David Brauer wrote an article that took to task runners who, for a variety of (assumed) reasons, use the bike paths and the adjacent cowpaths.

As a self-described avid Rule-Minder, I ordinarily would offer Mr. Brauer a hearty “hear hear!” But as a runner myself, I do want to offer another perspective.

Hundreds of women are attacked each year while running.  One of the best ways to stay safe is to avoid secluded running paths.  While I cannot describe the walking paths around the Chain of Lakes as secluded during the day, in the early morning hours and the evenings they are lightly used and deeply shaded.

With all due respect, an alternative title for the article could be “The Arrogance of the Male Runner.”  Mr. Brauer does not need to put a lot of thought into where and when he runs.  He has the luxury of being able to run by himself whenever and wherever he wishes, with little concern for his safety.

I don’t run much in the evenings anymore, but when I do I will always use the cowpaths (running against the bike traffic, of course.)  Better to be thought arrogant by my fellow Rule-Minders than wind up a sad statistic in this newspaper.

Kristine Wyant